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Many friends have to face the problems of packing baggage. Although preparing the goods needed in travel is not so troublesome, we always find something lost at home when couples of days outside. Besides, countries have different regulations about the baggage checking, so getting luggage ready is important for China tour deals.

What should I take when traveling outside?

Before going outside, remember to carry important document items, such as the air ticket, the passport and the ID card. You had better put them in the packet carrying always with maps, schedule, address book included Traveling clothes are the major part of the baggage. Generally, we should choose clothes easily ventilated, less heat but more sweat absorptive, dirty endured and easily washed. According to these regulations, sportswear and jeans are the best choices.

As we all know, it takes a long walk when travel outside. So we should choose pairs of shoes in line with the places we go. Sports shoes or casual shoes are good when on the seaside or scenic sports on the land. However, if we go hiking, rock climbing or exploring, sports shoes with big particles on the sole, strongly land grasping, skid resistance and wear resistance.

What is more, carrying an umbrella protects you from the rain and the strong sunlight. Sunglasses help you avoid of eyes being stimulated by the light or sands and make you feel cool.

The sufferers of chronic diseases should carry the pills took regularly at ordinary time. At the same time, some travelers should also take some common medicines such as cold medicines, motion sickness pills and band-aids in case of being ill on the way.

How to pack the baggage?

When we pack the baggage, we should pack goods we take in small parts in order to spare the space for the souvenirs and gifts China best tours. The large and heavy goods are put at the bottom, small and light ones upside. Fragile articles should be packed by the clothes or towels and put the rolled towel and uneasily knit clothes in the space of the luggage. The spared space can hold the small articles such as handkerchief or socks. The tighter the articles with each other, the less possible injured.

how to consign the baggage

After getting the air tickets, we should read the statements on the back carefully to get some fundamental information of requirements about baggage units and weighs. They differ according to the standards of airline companies. We pay attention on the baggage over 32kilos, it should be packed separately or the over weight charges is considerable. Besides that staffs of the airline company have the right to refuse your baggage over 32kilos in case of body injured. In addition, no matter how many times you transfer airplanes, you should try your best popular China travel package to consign your luggage to the destination without stops. Do not to consign in the transfer airport in case of going through the formalities once more.

What to do when baggage overweighs?

Commonly some optional goods make your baggage over weighs, so why not send them back home? Most airline companies provide the “send back service” ,which charges about RMB10. If the baggage cannot be simplified, you can contact with the airline company to advance or delay the consigning of goods not that urgent. It is a good way to save the money.

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