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A few more travel tips…

One of the most important factors to be aware of when visiting any foreign country is the currency that they use. The official Chinese currency is called the ‘Ren Min Bi’ (RMB) and the basic unit of money used is called the ‘yuan’. The Bank of China handles a long list of foreign currencies so if you have forgotten or just simply chosen not to exchange the currencies over before coming to China then you will be able once you get here.

One of the main differences is the water. Tap water in China is undrinkable so it is advisable to not drink it, however, the tap water will be safe once it has been boiled and this can be done via various methods. Another way of ensuring you get safe drinking water is to get it from a water dispenser, however, these are usually only found in offices and places of work etc. The easiest way to get around this problem is just to buy bottled mineral water. These are readily available in majority of places and they are quite cheap as well.

Dining is an art form and considered to have great significance in the Chinese culture China guide. The old saying “waste not want not” is taken literally with them eating every part of the plant or indeed animal. Most foreigners have also said that the authentic and real Chinese cuisine is nothing like the Chinese take-away from back home so enjoy the delicacies of the real deal while you are here. However, you will have to get use to chopsticks, even with noodle soup expect chopsticks to be handed to you. Although cutlery is usually available upon request, but it is a lot more fun to attempt to eat with chopsticks. It is not a common practise to tip when in restaurants or cafes etc but even so, it is becoming increasinly common to tip your tour guides and the drivers.

This is another major factor to understand and be able to put into practise when in China in order to get ‘value’ for money: Bargaining. Be prepared to bargain in majority of places except in departments stores or indeed shopping malls. Always be polite and smile as after all it is just a game. Large calculators are often used to assist the negotiations. Before you start to bargain, have a maximum price in your head and don’t go above it. If the vendor ‘s price is still too high, simply walk away slowly. Most of the time you are usually called back with a lower price. Speaking a little Chinese may be helpful. Bargaining can save a lot of money but can be very time consuming so be patient.、

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