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A golden Eco-tour route-Hiking in Hamugu-A full view of Shangri-la

Where is Hamugu
Located in the Northwestern Yunnan Province, Hamugu is only about 6 km to the west of Shangri-la town China vacation deals. It is a small village with 40 traditional Tibetan families who have bundled their savings to build a lodge for ecotourists drawn by the Napahai wetlands nearby.

Horse riding. Hiking
Here is an excellent hiking designed in Hamugu include a good look at the ancient city and the most snow mountains in Shangri-la. After breakfast, depart from the village of Hamugu, passing the Kingan gorge, It may takes 4 or 6 hours to arrived at Diji grassland, which is the first camp site you meet in the Hamugu Country Park top 10 China tours. there have a good look at a panoramic view of the Dukezong ancient city. If you go ahead and clime about 4 hours, you can reach the Jisha flowered pastureland at an elevation of about 4100 metres, and have a good look at the Meili Snow Mountain, Haba Snow Mountain, Jade dragon Snow Mountain, and so on.

Home visit
Villagers will invite visitors to taste family-made Yak butter tea and other traditional dishes. Tourists will also explore the caverns and hermit caves in the cliffsides around the village, hike around the pastures, visite the village’s holy mountain popular China tours, where gold miners supposedly dug for gold, yet found none.

other Notes
1. The area lie at elevation between 3200 and 4419 meters. Those with high blood pressure or heat disease, and the aged or weak should select an appropriate route and proceed with caution.
2. All people entering the indigenous conservation area must have a guide.
3. The eco-tourism area contains trails that are slippery when wet. Hikers and horse packers must exercise great caution on these trails. It is safer not to ride horses when heading down slope.
4. Do not pick wild fruits or fungus. Beware of poisonous plants and fruits.
5. It’s cold in this area, and temperature changes soon, pls bring sufficient warm clothing, rain gear, water and sunscreen etc.
6. No littering! Keep local water clean! Avoid any pollutants such as detergents.)

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