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Late Fall in Beijing: fall in love with the golden city

It is just half a month late, winter will arrival in Beijing China travel deals. This week, the cold air make north people just want to stay in bed, expecting warm air to come soon.

People living in Beijing, always say, the most beautiful season here is autumn. For me, the first time to Beijing in autumn, I quite agree with the point. Comparing with the famous red leaves on Xiangshan, I love the golden color blanked in every corner of Beijing better.

In some communities, roads, parks of Beijing, there always grows maidenhair trees top 10 China tours. When late fall coming, the yellow leaves of the maidenhair tree dances with the wind, forming amazing scenes. The most famous spots for appreciating golden maidenhair trees are the Diaoyutai Gingko Road and Sanlitun East Five Street. In each late fall, photographers and citizens come here.

If you like the golden color, hurry up and walk out you house to the near by parks, roads to appreciate the beauty, before the leaves of maidenhair trees have all fell down.

I went into the Red Scarf Parknot popular China tours far way from my hotel. There were not so many maidenhair trees, but the golden color just made me feel like in a forest.
Red Scarf Park is free for charge, and is located at the northeast corner of Red Scarf Bridge in Dongsihuan. The transpiration here is very continent that many local buses stop here.

With the back ground of blue sky, the yellow color was a little dazzling.

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