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Visit to Xizhou Ancient Town

There is a mysterious corner in the southwest of our country with banyan, well and age red flagging stone road, that is Xizhou Ancient Town China vacation deals.

Xizhou located in the north of 18 miles distance of Dali, with its east is Erhai and west is Mount Cang, it is a quaint and rustic town with thousands years history. Here are the Bai ethnic vernacular dwellings, the winding ancient alley, and the aged stone roads are scattering around Xizhou town. All of these changes have occurred over a long time span and shows a relaxing picture. I am really enjoying all of these which can make me forget trifles.

The Bai ethnic architecture groups are so impressive. They are not only quaint and rustic but also simple and practical, and it carved in excellent craftsmanship. Its wood carving, stone carving and brick carving are extraordinary that other places’ carved products can’t be compared. Among these three kinds of carving, wood carving and stone carving are the most famous. According to record, during Ming and Qing Dynasty, many craftsmen were called into the Palace because of their extraordinary craftsmanship. Therefore, there are many famous carving of architecture in Beijing were their masterpieces. Dali wood carving is exquisite and skillful that you will not find any cracks. Stone carving in Dali top China tours is particularly favorable because it is a good place of stone production. A very ordinary stone carved by craftsman, it will showed a elaborate decoration on the carved wood, like scenery with hills and waters, birds and flowers.

Starting from Dali ancient town, and waiting the bus leaving for Eryuan along the Dali Road (from Dali to Lijiang) in the east gate of Dali. It takes about 6 yuan to Xizhou with less than half an hour.

The most popular in Xizhou is Sifang Street. Different peddlers with local dress are filled in the small street, they chat about their own fair which gives a special sense of life.

There are a lot special Bai ethnic architecture group of Ming Dynasty popular China tour package, Qing Dynasty and different periods. The most representative architecture are “Seven Feet Study”, Yuangyuan Compound of Qing Dynasty, Zhuaojunting Compound, Yanzizhen Compound……

Yanzizhen Compound situated in No.1 of Fuchunli at Sifang Street in Xizhou Office, which was constructed by national capitalist Yanzizhen in 1919. The Compund cove a n area of 2478 square meters, the whole compound is simple, elegant and graceful. It is the major scenic spot of Xizhou folk custom tour, also is the third key protection units.

Although Xizhou is an ancient town, it is also a place many tourists know; therefore it is also international in some aspects. For example, hand drawn ads and all kinds of tips in the walls of both sides of street have Chinese-English bilingual, it is quite interesting.

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