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Go to Zhangye Danxia for the Amazing Landform

In my Silk Road tour this year, Danxia in Zhangye in the Gansu Province is one of the must-go places. This place is famous for its colorful land.

I have noticed this place because of a movie directed by Zhang Yimou. Although the movie was not in a good comment, Danxia as the movie taking spot became famous.Danxia in Zhangye can be appreciated during the sunny day. The bright sunshine make the ground in an amazing scenery. The ground becomes alive like a charming lady who has just finished an elaborate make-up.

In the competition “the most beautiful danxia landform in China” held by China Discovery Magazine, Danxia in Zhangjie affordable China tours ranked as the top one. Thus it will really be the most magnificent one in the world. It is hard to image that there is a gorgeous and colorful land in this dull yellow ground.

During my night on that place, it was raining outside. I anticipated a good weather in the next day.

When I woke up, there was still thick clouds. But the sunshine sticked to penetrate the cloud. I was happy to see because it was a sign to show the good weather.

It was so great! The sunshine just came, to sprinkle on the land. From the sentence of the staff in the Danxia scenic area top 10 China tours, it was the most beautiful moment that seeing Danxia after the rainy days.

Aimed to see the extremely scenery, I walked on the muddy ground. How about the picture? Do you have a feeling to fall in love?

On the fixed plank road in the scenic sport, people could find a good high-point according to the angles and lights you want to create your own Danxia pictures.

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