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Fall in love with Hong Kong

During the days of our travel in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Hong Kong travel is always overcast days, sometimes falling with rain. People who come to Hong Kong will inevitably want to go out shopping, but in this cold and rainy afternoon, looking for a quiet place to drink tea, taking a look at the scenery outside the window, feeling the slower pace of life outside the bustling jump in Hong Kong, should be regarded as anther good choice for Hong Kong Tours.

On a rainy gray afternoon, I chose not to go anywhere, but just quietly stayed at a restaurant of our living hotel to enjoy a leisurely afternoon. Speaking of the hotel we were staying, it can be considered a place which keeps quiet in a noisy neighbourhood. It is located between the mountains and blue sea, close to Citygate Business Centre, which collects shopping and leisure together. I chose to sit by the window; looking outside, undulating hills with misty rains out of the window looked like ink landscape painting, making people fascinated. In such quiet and laid-back mood, the music was flowing slowly and the lights were dim and dark. I made an appointment with some of my friends to have some tea, chat and taste various delicate Hong Kong-style desserts Hong Kong attractions leisurely. Casually, I felt refreshed and gradually became intoxicated in the leisure afternoon.

Though the days we stayed were rainy days, we did not feel disappointed; because in addition to going shopping in Hong Kong, enjoying the leisure time in the hotel with friends to chat and have a tea was another kind of happiness. A few days of the trip was short-lived, however, in just a few days, I deeply fell in love with Hong Kong and had a crush on this quiet leisure afternoon.

A few foreigners were leisurely drinking coffee, reading the newspaper and chating.

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