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Travel Guide - Sangke Grassland

Sangke Grassland is one kilometer southwest away from Xiahe County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province Silk Road travel. Sangke Grassland is meadow grassland with an area of 70 square meters and average altitude of above 3,000 meters, which is one of the main stock breeding bases in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. With less population and boundless grassland, Sangke Grassland is a precious natural tourism spot.

Boundless Grassland with Beautiful Scenery

Sangke Grassland is natural grassland of Tibetan of all time. It is a part of Dajuita Grassland in Sangke Town, which is surrounded by mountains, and there is a wide and flat mountain meadow in the middle. Daxiahe River flows through slowly from south to north and brings up frondent water grass. Sangke Grassland has beautiful scenery and herds of cows and sheep stroll around under the blue sky and white cloud. In summer, grassland is green like carpet, and kinds of flowers blooming, where is the ideal tourist place for grassland tourism, summer resort and experiencing nomady.

It is said that here was the place for famous King Gesar (the leader of Tibetan in ancient times popular China tour package) to sacrifice God. Besides, Sangke Grassland is famous in north and west of Tibetan area in China. There held many grand Buddhist activities in history.

Xianglang Festival

Xianglang Festival is a traditional festival for Tibetan in Sangke Grassland. Every June is the golden season in Tibetan area. Tibetan go on a journey to grassland with whole family and camp out, and spend a relaxed time for about ten days.

Traditional Activities

A traditional ancient ritual in Xianglang Festival affordable China tours is to sacrifice. Tibetans throw their favorite food to the prepared deadwood and then fire. Men riding the horse fire shot into the air around the bonfire. Another ritual is arrow inserting that makes a huge wooden arrow with above ten meters inserting to a big wooden hurdle. Apart from those, there are many ethnic custom activities like horse riding, tug of war, tug of war, yak racing, sing and dance and so on.

If you are lucky to meet Xianglang Festival, you can play with friendly and enthusiastic herdsmen. Even to a Tibetan family to taste delicious buttered tea and tsamba, and feel distinctive herdsman life.

Labrang Temple

Labrang Temple is built on the Sangke Grassland, which is one of the famous six Gelug temples (a sect of Tibetan Buddhism) in China. With the area of 823 thousand square meters, it was first built in 1703 of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). There are many large and small halls in the temple, and Wensi Hall is the center of the temple, which includes front hall, main hall and back hall. Front hall shrines the statue of Sontzen Gampo (a famous king of Tibet in ancient times), there is a stele hanging on the main hall bestowed by the Emperor Qianlong (1735-1795) of Qing Dynasty. Scripture hall is in the back hall that can hold 4,000 to chant sutras at the same time.

Labrang Temple keeps ten thousand cultural relics, classical sutras and books of 60 thousand, which has a great influence in China lamasery.

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