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Taste the Local Traditional Beijing Snacks

Lv Da Gun

Lv Da Gun refers to a kind of cake made with steamed glutinous millet or steamed sticky rice, filled with red pea, and then drizzled over with fried bean flour. Why is it called Lv Da Gun China vacation deals is that after it being cut into blocks, the cake is rolled in soybean flour, which looks like a donkey rolling on the ground and with dust raising. Therefore, it was called Lv Da Gun. Actually it is a bean flour cake. Nowadays, the soybean flour has been changed into the rice flour. Since it was still rolled with the soybean flour, the cake is still yellow.

Ai Wo Wo

Originally called Wowo in Ming Dynasty, Ai Wo Wo has a complicated process. Firstly, steaming the sticky rice and pounded to a doughy after it is cooled. Then, shaped it into a ball and filled with walnut meat, sesame, melon seeds, green plum and white sugar. Since the sticky rice is steamed and the stuffings are fried before filling in the rice ball, the Ai Wo Wo can be eaten instantly.

Tang Juan Guo

Being favored at home and abroad, especially the female, Tang Juan Guo uses Chinese yam and date as its main ingredient and the green glum, walnut meat and the melon seeds as its supplementary ingredient best tours of China. Since the Chinese yam and date have rich nutrition, high protein, refined fiber and vitamins, Tang Juan Guo is actually a medicated food.

Wan Dou Huang

As a spring and summer food, Wan Dou Huang was originally a folk snack and then introduced into the court. It was very popular among members of the imperial court. It is made with white peas. First, steaming the white pea and then fired it with sugar. Then blend it with the cooked date. After it cooled, cutting it into the pieces of diamond shape. It tastes refreshing and has a loose consistency.

Tang Er Duo

Also known as Mimahua, a kind of sweet Chinese doughnut, Tang Er Duo has a Muslim origin. Er Duo means ear in English, and the Tang Er Duo is shaped like an ear, hence its name. Tan in color and sleek in the outside, Tang Er Duo has a loose consistency and a delicious sweet. It is evaluated as one of the famous snack in Beijing popular China tours and a famous snack in China in 1997.

Tang Huo Shao

Tang Huo Shao is a kind of baked wheaten cake. With a history of more than 300 years, it was at first a snack in Hubei and then introduced to Beijing. Soft but not sticky, it is suitable for the old people. The distinctive aspect of this snack is that it uses the cylinder as the stove and baked the green bodies of the wheat cake in the cylinder wall to bake it. The Tang Huo Shao in Dashunzhai restaurant is the most famous.

The Seasoned Millet Mush

The Seasoned Millet Mush is a kind of nourishing item in the Beijing snacks China travel guide. Fried the flour in the pan until the color of the flour changed into yellow and added with sweet osmanthus and ox bone marrow oil, then, mixed them up evenly, the Seasoned Millet Mush is produced. When eating, putting them in the bowl with sugar and boiled them with hot water into starchiness. The Seasoned Millet Mush can be used as a breakfast or a lunch and was very popular among the people.

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