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China Guide - Jingting Mountain

Xuancheng is rich in beautiful natural and human landscapes and famous historical interests. They include Jingting Mountain China travel deals, which Libai(699-762), one of the greatest poets of Tang Dynasty, once admired with the popular lyrics “All birds have flown away, so high,/ A lonely cloud drifts on, so free./We are not tired, the Peak and I./ Nor I of him, nor he of me”;

Jingting Mountain
Jingting Mountain top China tours is located on the bank of the Shuiyang River to the north of Xuanzhou City. It abounds with green teas, of which the Green Snow Tea is the most popular. When Libai was angry with the imperial government and extremely disappointed with his official future, the ancient Chinese poet Libai wrote:

Sitting Alone on Jingting Mountain
All the birds have flown up and gone;
A lonely cloud also floats leisurely by.
We never tire of looking at each other
Only the mountain and I.

Jingting Mountain-Tea Culture
The southeastern part of Anhui Province travel China guide is famous for its fertile land and teas, and among the latter the Green-frosted Tea enjoys the highest prestige. Within the Tea Culture Area, on the hill-slope grow tea trees, which, as the symbol of tea culture of the Southeast Anhui, meet the eyes of visitors and present splendid dark green.

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