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Guangzong Temple Ecological Tourist District of the Helan Mountain

4A-level tourist district. It is located at the western foot of the Helan Mountain China tour deals, 30 kilometers southeast of Bayanhaote Town, Alxa League of Inner Mongolia, and70 kilometers from Yinchuan. It is an ecological tourist district integrated with Tibetan Buddhist culture and natural scenery.

Established in 1756, the splendid green and gold temple enjoys a great reputation. Buddha worshiped at the Buddhahall. The temple's scripture hall has a fine shape. Rare relics such as Gandan Chiba's cape, the pestle belonging to hierarch Xuanzang from the Tang Dynasty, the 6th Dalai Lama's crown inlaid with Five Buddha Statues, a silver kettle presented by the 8thPanchen, a Tibetan robe and long strings of beads bestowed by Emperor Guangxu and sealsof different sizes are treasured at the temple China best tours.

Major humanistic sights at the Nanshi Temple include: the stone-carved Buddha group, Huanglou Temple, Hongmiao Temple, the footprint of the sixteenth arhat and the 6th Dalai Lama,the Bayinsunbu heap of sand, the pagoda, and a geological and mineral museum. The natural landscape includes: Sheyunxia ScenicSpot, Xuelingzi Scenic Spot and Zhanmaoshan Scenic Spot.

Traffic: There's asign for the scenicspot at a 30kilometers section of the Yinchuan-Bayanhaote Highway, it's 7 kilometers from the sign to the scenic spot.

Boarding: There are Mongolian travel China guide tent resorts with ethnic group features in theNanshi Tourist District. It offers high andmedium-class guest rooms and catering and entertainment service with ethnic characteristics.

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