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Do you know Karst Wine Resort

Karst Wine Resort, situated on the western outskirts of Yantai on the road to neighboring Penglai China tour deals, is the winery of Changyu Wine Company. Karst Wine Resort was constructed and is jointly financed by two leading international players in the wine industry: Changyu Wine Company of China, and Karst Wine Company of France.

Karst Wine Resort resembles a beautifully landscaped garden. The former president of the International Organization of Vines and Wine, Mr. Robert Tinlot, praised Karst Wine Resort for being 'a very charming chateau' when he visited the Yantai area in 1987. The chateau's offices lie on the coast, facing the blue sea, and are surrounded by wine orchards on the other three sides. The total area of the chateau is 1.42 square kilometers, with about 1.35 square kilometers used for wine cultivation China best tours.

At Karst Wine Resort, visitors can take a leisurely walk around the chateau and enjoy the scenery of its European-style buildings and the vast sweep of neatly tended rows of vines. In addition one can take a closer look at the winemaking process. One can taste the chateau's various vintages in the underground cellar, where thousands of barrels of wine are stored.

The resort is situated roughly midway between Yantai and Penglai, such that a visit to the chateau can easily be combined with a trip from Yantai to Penglai, or vice versa.

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