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Get to know Jiuxiang Scenic Resort

Jiuxiang, a beautiful large scenic resort China vacation deals inhabited mainly by the Yi and Hui nationalities, is situated in Jiuxiang Township, over 70 kilometres away from Kunming and 47 kilometres away from the county town of Yiliang.

In Jiuxiang, mountain ridges stretch and peaks taper. Rivers Yangtze River tour and streams crisscross. Shady trees are wide-spreading. The relative height from the highest peak of the mountains to the lowest valley is about 200 metres. The elevation ranges roughly from 1,750 metres to 1,900 metres. The topography is typically of a karst type, so Jiuxiang is called the village of karst caves. There are more than one hundred karst caves in Jiuxiang scenic resort. It has been found that the caves in Jiuxiang are the largest cave group system with the most numerous karst caves in China. The stalactites in the caves take on many forms and shapes in different colours. Found in the caves are numerous natural bridges, valleys, rivers and waterfalls, which constitute a wonderful subterranean world.

With a total area of about 200 square kilometres, it consists of five smaller scenic areas, namely, the Triangular Caves (Sanjiaodong), the Overlapping Rainbow Bridge (Diehongqiao), the Upper Big Cave (Shangdadong), the Long Sandy Bank (Dashaba) and the Bright Moon Lake (Mingyuehu). Sixty-six karst caves in the area are estimably worthy of exploitation. The first phase of the exploitation project centres upon the Overlapping Rainbow Bridge which lies 45 kilometres away from the town of Yiling County. This area consists of the White Elephant Cave (Baixiangdong), the Sleeping Dragon Cave (Wolongdong), the Palace of the Goddesses (shennvgong), the Gods' Fields (Shentian) and a 600-metre long Shady Green Gorge (Yincuixia) along which tourists can have a boat ride. The entrance into the Sleeping Dragon Cave is called the Terrestrial Gate which overlooks the very depth of cave from a height of 120 metres. A spiral steel staircase of 9 windings is constructed. The waterfall in the cave has a drop of 30 metres. The Lion's Hall within the White Elephant Cave is 200 metres wide. There are a stage and a subterranean ballroom of 2,000 square metres in it. Outside the White Elephant Cave, a bridge lies 200 metres above the cave. The Palace of Goddesses is ornamented by beautiful stalactites. Shady Green Gorge winds through verdurous mountains. It is vety pleasant to have a boat ride on the stream here.

Jiuxiang is known as the "Natural Museum of Karst Caves" claiming to have the largest, most wonderful and most number of Karst Caves top 10 China tours in China. There are about a hundred caves naturally clustered into 4 groups: the Sanjiao Cave, the Dashang Cave, the Diehong Cave and the Dasha Dam Cave. Among them sixty-six caves have great commercial value and are suitable for exploitation. The caves in the area are extremely well-known for grotesquerie in shape and magnificence in its natural wonder.
Jiuxiang, home of the Yi ethnic group, has strong minority ethnic custom, a long and colorful history, and widely spread ancient myths and tales. There are the mysterious Hunting Festival, the Worship of the White Dragon Festival, the Love Song Contest, the Bullfighting, the Wrestling, the Sanxian Dance (which is a three-stringed plucked instrument), and the Rattle Stick Dance and so on. There are always too many to see, too much to experience and embrace in Jiuxiang .

Warm clothes shall be prepared before entering the area because you may get wet and cold in the boat trip visiting the karst caves and the gorges. The folk songs, dances and the local cuisine are also too special to miss. There are buses available at the gate of the Jiuxiang which is very convenient for tourists to visit any of the scenic spots.

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