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Brief Travel Guide - Chongdu Valley

Chongdu valley is located in Luanchuan couty of Luoyang.Emperor Liu Xiu of Eastern Han Dynasty boated twice of Yin River Yangtze River tour for this place to shake off the besiegement of King Wang Mang.He set up Eastern Han Dynasty sucessfully and bestowed this place the name. Magic history and its three extremely specialities have enabled Chongdu valley rapidly wellknown throughout the whole nation,and now it's acknowledged as one of the 10 most vitality hot scenic spots of Henan province."

To Gap 150 kilometres south-west of scenic areas of Luoyang City in the Luanchuanxian by golden rooster River, Zhu River, King Temple, node composition sets show, dinner, Sun, strange for one, has more than 100 attractions. Node within Linmaocao Feng, ringed pheasant flew along, the Four Seasons springs green, perennial Lan groups, Tsui Chuk clean water cutting, fat ducks Zhuang geese play, the Water Village affordable China tours features rich, which is called "the North one can." Zhang was a famous writer bow praise as "high-Gap Lan Tibet meticulously, Lushui Sau Chuk meditate on past conditions; Vertical view shows landscapes Wang Chuk, listen to tapes on the Tingquan. "node architectural style atmosphere, location, transport facilities, cuisine meets, improving services, facilities. Small farmers feared the tranquil center; Gaan repair bamboo grove, wearing belts snacks Shuihang clean water; Smoke forced the bamboo grove Park Corner; Wooden chairs leisure, mallard on the Valley's situation; Display and record the 20 century farming life color home; - Lake fishing, yachts visible, and so has the middle of Phnom Penh into a green Gap "leisure clubs." Hua Cao, slipway, California, stimulating the movement of drifting, dynamic entertainment once again re-create ecological Gap "workshop happy." No wonder people say tourism, and leisure to re-developed, happy and healthy to re-crossing.

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