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Travel Experience to the Resort of Qingtian River

Situated south of the foot of the Taihang Mountain, the Resort of Qingtian River Yangtze River tour lies in Boai County, which is named as "South at the foot of the Taihang Mountain" ("South" mainly refers to the developed area in Southern Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province). It is a rectangle-shaped region consisting of five major scenic areas--- the Spring Lake, Moon Temple, Shifu Beach and Phoenix Mountain, and 108 scenic spots; the total area is 45.2 square kilometers. Facing south to the Yellow River with Shangxi Province to the north and Jiaozuo to the east, it is a comprehensive resort suitable for sightseeing, ecological, cultural and agricultural touring. With such unique and spectacular landscape, it enjoys a great reputation, known as "the Three Gorges of North China" and "Guilin of North Henan" (Guilin is famous for its beautiful landscapes).

The place is also well-known for its long history, collections of cultural relics, beautiful springs, quiet valleys, mild climate and rich specialties. One of the three famous temples in Central China---- the Moon Temple is the place where the Baji Boxing (one of the Chinese boxing) originated; besides, the biggest Taoist Torch Temple in North Henan also stands here, which was once ordered to be built by Emperor Li Shimin in the Tang Dynasty to gratify the much renowned doctor Sun Simiao, who had cured his diseases. Springs and lakes are also vastly distributed over the place, such as "the First Spring in China"----the San'gu Spring, which flows all year round at a speed of 7.5 cubic meters per second; the non-polluted Spring Lake, which stretches as far as ten kilometers. Other scenic spots include places such as the famous winding trail, known as the path where Cao Cao (one of the heroes in the Three Kingdoms Period) has ever traversed, and Tianjinguan, a battlefield which every general must fight to win over in ancient times. Moreover, the natural sceneries here are also very fascinating, including the Shifu Beach, regarded as a "Natural Park" with a combination of graceful Southern style and grand Northern style, and vast areas of bamboo forests exclusively found in North China, as well as the biggest greenhouse in North China and many acres of high-tech agricultural development areas. Besides, historical sites and stone tablets are also found here, for example, the Site of Li Shangyin's Residence (one of the famous poets in late Tang Dynasty), and stone inscriptions on the cliffs in North Wei Dynasty, along with large amounts of carved lines left by some emperors, ministers and poets.

Tourists traveling here can climb up the hills, camp outside, swim in the river and explore into the nature, fully appreciating the marvelous picturesque landscape of green mountains and rivers, enjoying the quiet canyon, inhaling the fresh air and bathing in the warm sunshine. Besides viewing the natural sceneries, they can also learn more about the histories associated with the sights last minute China travel deals. It is such a valuable experience, which not only enriches knowledge of nature and history but also helps to cultivate spirits and aesthetic values as well as broaden eyesight.

The most striking scenery in the Resort of Qingtian River is Daquan Lake, which is highly acclaimed for its beautiful natural views, with flowing water, green mountains and various types of fancy rocks on both sides of the lake.Boating on the river, you feel as if being in the Three Gorges or on the Lijiang River. It is 7.5 kilometers long, with its water resource mainly from the San'gu Spring, which is called the First Spring in China. The superior natural mineral water in the lake tastes cool and sweet.

Another major scenic spot in the place is the Phoenix Mountain, where the biggest Taoist Torch Temple in North Henan Province was built in 628 AD by Emperor Li Shimin to express his gratitude to Doctor Sun Simiao, who had cured his diseases.

The Moon Mountain Natural Sight

The Moon Mountain Natural Sight is also located in Boai County, 21 kilometers away from Jiaozuo Student tours to China. The sight gets its name for its mountain shaping like a crescent moon. Along with the famous Shaolin Temple, the Moon Temple on the mountain is one of the three old temples in Henan. One of the three famous Chinese boxing --- Baji Boxing was originated here, too. In addition, Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty and Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty once toured here, leaving many lines of poems and scrolls of calligraphy. The temple is surrounded by mountains all round, with eight major sights and eight minor sights.

The Resort of Qingtian River is not only pleasant for its beautiful sceneries, but also for its agreeable climate, convenient transport and advanced facilities, which makes it easier for travelers. With four highways, Zhengchang, Jiaojin, Jiaoke and Xinji and two railways Jiaozhi and Xintai crossing by, you can get there quite conveniently. Additionally, the sight has perfect tourist facilities, with 9 pleasure-boats, two dancing-halls, three luxurious conference rooms and a restaurant for 500 people as well as a modern-equipped hotel. Providing such all-round services in dining, living, traveling, shopping and entertaining, the Resort of Qingtian welcomes all the travelers with its superb facilities and first-class service. 

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