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Travel Guide - The Valuable And Rare Yunnan Golden Monkey

There are 3 species of golden monkeys in China,which are ordinary golden monkey,Guizhou golden monkey and Yunnan last minute China travel deals golden monkey. In the Great Snow Mountain Region at the juncture of Yunnan,Sichuan and Tibet ,there is a kind of valuable and rare golden monkey that is litter-known to people. This is the Yunnan golden monkey,a world-rare treasure unique to China.

Covered with black hair,Yunnan Golden monkey China Photo Tour is called”black monkey” as well. It is also locally called “snow monkey”or “white monkey”because its club is completely white when it is young,and it gradually changes its color into black later. Yunnan golden monkey has a long tail,that is good match for its body. A likable animal ,it has upturned nostrils and it wears a comic expression.

Baimaxueshan Mountains National Park is a true wilderness that covers an area of 270,000 hectares of which over 53 percent of the total area are covered with forests. The white-clad splendor of the towering mountains and lofty peaks,the glaciers radiating over the mountains from the summits,the lush forests,the pastures that look like carpets of green grass,the shimmering lakes,the abundant wild-flowers in the marshes,grasslands and around the lakes,all contribute to the dramatic beauty and charm of this national park.

In this national park and its surrounding areas,many beautiful scenic spots and precious historical sites attract more and more visitors. If you come here at the right time,you can see the grand Buddhist festivals Shopping in China in these temples. Each of them is a week long celebration of Tibetan dances,crafts and foods. In addition ,lava caverns,stone carvings,hot springs,water-falls and other landscapes in this area are also enthralling.

The local tourist service provides hiking,horseback riding,camping,picnicking,paddling,fishing and other opportunities,offering you an enjoyment of special interest and gaiety unique to this area.

The national park is accessible by air and bus.

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