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Beijing Travel Guide - Miyun Museum

Miyun Museum is located in the north of Mihong Park China travel deals.

At present, there are 4 parts of display in this museum. "Today's Miyun" is composed of 6 parts: New Look of the City, Protecting Water and Enriching the People, Rapid Economic Growth, Recreation and Sports Activities, Traveling and Building Civilization.

More than 280 photos and over 30 recent publications fully show the great changes in Miyun. "Liu Zhenxiang Cultural Relics" show people 37 pieces of cultural relicsEducational tours in China, mainly chinaware of the Qing Dynasty, donated by the entrepreneur and collector Liu Zhenxiang. "Mortar and Pestle Cultural Display" presents 66 mortars and pestles both home and abroad.

"Miyun Historical and Cultural Display" is divided into 7 parts in accordance with the time sequence and they are prehistoric culture China tour videos; Xia, Shang, Zhou Dynasties and Warring States Period; Qin and Han Dynasties; Sui and Tang Dynasties; Song, Jin and Liao Dynasties, Yuan Dynasty, Ming and Qing Dynasties. It displays more than 30 photos, among which important ones are Liao Dynasty cone-shaped tower, Yanglinggong Temple, Dragon Spring Temple of Yuan Dynasty, stone-carved characters of ethnic minorities, Yanshan Mountain Ligong Stele of Ming Dynasty and Simatai Great Wall.

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