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Travel Guide - Yinxu

History of Yinxu

Yinxu, the site of the last capital of China's Shang Dynasty, is one of the Historical capitals of China and is also one of the largest and oldest archaeological sites in China. It situated near the modern city of Anyang and it will take you just about two hours from here to Zhengzhou city China tour deals.

Features of Yinxu

Yin, also called Yinxu, is partly buried under the city of Xiaotun which is a small village located on the northwestern suburban district of the An'yang city.More than just the usual set of stone foundations that signal a forgotten city, Yinxu has been unearthed a plethora of absorbing archeological artifacts, comprising grand buildings, written records and complete tombs in the form of oracle bones, or large pieces of fracted bone or turtle shell which were cracked and heated.

No wander, Yinxu has become a noted cultural and historical city in China which not only the Chinese people can take pride, but also all human being can take pride. Yinxu is recognized as a landmark– with all its splendors as well as its horrors.

The scale of Yinxu China Educational tours was tremendous . A five-sided construction, the city ran from Beixinzhuang in the west to Houying in the north, to Sanjiazhuang in the northeast, to Guojiawan in the east, and finally, to Liujiazhuang in the south. Yinxu covered an area of 24,000 square kilometers and was about5 kilometers wide and 6 kilometers long. The programming of Yinxu was such that it irradiated out along one Huai River side, with the Ancestral Temple at Xiaotun Palace which is a name later given to the palace ruins at its center.

Many remarkable sites have been excavated at Yinxu besides the Ancestral Templ , the site of Hougang, the Mausoleum China Photography Tours, the Exhibition Hall of Chariot Pits and the Tomb of Fu Hao. Lady (Queen) Fu Hao was a martial chief and wife of King Wu Ding. Beside the vestige of the queen, there were boned vestige of sixteen slaves and six dogs in the tomb. The tomb also contained plenty of other valued items befitting a queen, comprising crockery and jewelry. The city of Yin was actually the mental and nonmaterial center of the Yin Dynasty, a name that historians have given to the final years of the Shang Dynasty.

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