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Do you know Bangchuidao Scenic Area?

Bangchuidao Picturesque Place in the eastern of the Binhai Street affordable China travel packages. It is made up Bangchuidao Islet, the natural lido and Bangchuidao Hotel. It is a well known seaside resort connecting wonderful landscapes of mountains, sea, islet and seaside.

Bangchuidao Picturesque Place holds a easy environment, thus is a outstanding summer time resort. The well-known Bangchuidao Hotel is situated here calculating a space of 87 hectares (about 215 acres). As the only nationwide hotel in Dalian China shopping, it mainly is used for the housing for management and having large-scale important conventions. Many popular nationwide management from all over the world have resided here. Now the place holds buddies from the home and overseas with its different styles' lawn cottages, perfect services and contemporary leisurely features.

Surrounded by mountains, the north aspect of the scenic area looks quite wonderful. Growing maple plants and cypresses distribute all over the mountains. The the southern part of aspect is an open area known for a plat sand seaside. The encompassing lido is seen as one of the best in Dalian Town. The Bangchuidao Islet is 600 metres (some 1968 feet) away from the seaside whose name come from its form. This islet looks like a Bangchui (wooden club) used by The china as a cleaning device, hence it was known as. It is relatively small, calculating a space of only 0.3 rectangle miles (about 74 acres).

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