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Learn more something about Shamian Island

Surrounded by water, Shamian is just like a giant ship mooring alongside the wharf, which is previous known as Zhongliusha or Shicuizhou last minute China travel deals. In fact, it is an elliptic sandbar in the Liwan District of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. Shamian, means "sandy surface" in Chinese. Get further and you will find that the island is planned in a rigorous thought. Three east-west avenues, Shamian North Avenue, Shamian Avenue and Shamian South Avenue, and five north-south streets, Shamian Street 1 to Shamian Street 5 divide the whole area into 12 parts, with various buildings, namely White Swan Hotel, Shamian Hotel, and Poland Consulate in Guangzhou, scattered around. It is worth visiting.

There are many historic relics in Shamian Island China travel service. From the Song and the Qing Dynasty, Shamian Island plays an important role of Guangzhou's foreign trade. During the period of the second Opium Wars (1856-1860), Shamian became a strategic point for city defense. As a result of the war, the territory was divided into two concessions, given to France and United Kingdom (of which 4/5 went to the British and 1/5 to the French) in 1859. It was then embanked and offered with streets, drainage, and imposing buildings and became base to a prosperous foreign enclave. During the period of the late 1800s to the early 1900s, construction of the most of the public facilities were completed, including political buildings like consulates, cultural buildings like churches and schools, as well as commercial buildings like banks and firms.

After 1949, the edifices of Shamian became government offices or apartment houses. As for the cultural buildings, churches were turned into factories. After that, they were restored, in many cases to their former splendor. You needn’t worry about the change of purpose about buildings. Taking this into account, each building has a label telling its former purpose. You may begin to imagine what stories these building held according to the plaque writing about its previous function. For example, "No.7 North Shamian Avenue" was built during the Republican period and was formerly the Administration Bureau of Broadcasting of the Nationalist Government. The mansions in Shamian is influenced and preserved by Western Europe style building complex in China. There are forty-two out of 150 buildings counted as the most exotic ones, Gothic, Baroque, and Neoclassical, in Guangzhou. You can’t miss them.

It is as early as 2000s, Shamian Island has become well known for many Western couples who reside there, looking for adopt Chinese babies and young children, most of whom are orphaned and female. Especially the White Swan Hotel, nest to the Consulate of United States in Guangzhou What & Where to buy in China in Guangzhou and convenient to file paperwork and handle bureaucratic matters, has become a hotel of choice. You can enjoy the convenience it brings.

If you are fond of strolling, Shamian is an ideal choice. It is just 900m long from east to west and 300m from south to north. You will not feel tired even after walking around the island twice. Additionally to the beautiful scenery, traffic control on the island make Shamian has a different atmosphere and pace of living. In other words, problems such as traffic jams and exhaust gas pollution don't exist here. Now partly reserved for pedestrians, its broad boulevards are like long gardens topiaries. There is a line of bars and cafes on the southwest side, where you can have the best views over the Pearl River serves modern expats. In a word, you will not regret visiting here.

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