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Don't miss Xixi National Wetland Park for your Hangzhou travel

Situated in the western part of Hangzhou, Xixi National Wetland Park affordable China tours is a rare urban wetland with rich ecological resources, simple natural landscape. It is the first and only wetland park in China combining urban life, farming and culture. 

Three Causeways and Ten Sights

The three causeways are Causeway Fu, Causeway Lu and Causeway Shou, which means fortune, prosperity and longevity in Chinese. Causeway Fu is 2,300m long and 7m wide, stretching through the park from south to north. Causeway Lu is 1,600m long and 7m wide, stretching through the core reserve area from west to east. With a total length of 3,600m and a width of 4.5m, Causeway Shou is the longest of the three, stretching from south to north. Crisscrossing waterways and ancient trees form an ecological landscape.

The ten sights are Qiuxue Hut, Water Mirroring Red Persimmons, Exhibition of Dragon Boat Culture, Lotus Flower Eco-Reserve Area, Charm of Hong's Villa, Boat-rowing in the Moonlight, Fog and Water Fishing Village, Xixi Plum Villa, Gao's Villa China travel service, and Music Appreciation in Hezhu.

(1) Aesthetic Features of Xixi
Xixi is a wetland with distinct aesthetic features, namely simplicity, coldness, elegance and wildness.
Simplicity relates to plainness or the consideration of 'back to nature'; Coldness connotes tranquility far from noisy city;
Elegance means it is a place boasting artists and literary figures. Wildness suggests this is a pure land in human society;
Due to its rural landscapes and picturesque waterways, Xixi has always been an ideal location for relaxing and creation.

(2) Dragon Boat Contest
It is said Dragon Boat Contest took its name from Emperor Qianlong when he toured Hangzhou China shopping. In 2008, the contest was included as a component of traditional Dragon Boat Festival, which is one of the first National Intangible Cultural Heritages. Visitors can take part in the contest to experience the old traditional culture. 

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