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Travel Guide - The Alu Ancient Cave

The Alu Ancient Cave is seen as the most beautiful cave in Yunnan Province China vacation deals. It is one of the most grand natural caves in Asia.

The Alu Ancient Cave is situated within the spectra of Luxi County in Southeast Yunnan. It is actually a large syntheses of grotesque limestone caves, which once used as the settlement for one wild tribes. It is considered as the most wonderful cave in Yunnan Province. The Alu Ancient Cave consists of nine peaks and eighteen distinct caverns. It is the main cave of the whole scenery, which is made up of Dongyuan Cave, Biyu Cave top China travel service, Yuzhu Cave and Yuzhu Cave.

Covering an area of 1.5 square kilometers, the Alu Ancient Cave Scenic Spot has exploited a three-kilometer tour route to the public with a water cave and three land caves. There are different kinds of stone modalities in the caves like flowers, bamboo shoots, windows and curtains.

The Alu Ancient Cave has a quite long history of several hundreds of millions of years. When the old sea in now Yunnan and Guizhou provinces rose and became the land, the large amount of calcareous material in the sea turned into limestone gradually.

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