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Travel Guide - Longtan Park & Liuhou Park

Longtan Park

Longtan Park is a large scale scenic area embraced by verdant mountains, featuring karst natural scenery, ethnic customs of minorities in southern China last minute China travel deals and the subtropical karstic plantscape. In the park, 24 mountains in distinct shapes, such as the Sleeping Tiger Mountain, Beauty Peak and Peacock Mountain etc., stand among a lake(Mirror Lake), two ponds (Long Pond and Lei Pond) and four valleys, and over 700 types of subtropical plants filled the gap in deep green.

While enjoying the breathtaking scenery in this park China travel service, visitors also have chance to encounter with the ethnic buildings and the customs of the minorities in Southern China and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. the Longtan Wind and Rain Bridge is definitely a amazing artwork of Dong people. Besides, you can also enjoy the ethnic songs and dances performance in the minority village along with some local flavors including oil tea, bamboo rice and sour fish etc.

Liuhou Park

With an area of about 20 hectares, this park was originally built in Tang Dynasty in memory of the great literate, Liu Zongyuan who was once the governor of LiuzhouChina Educational tours. Liu Zongyuan was a famed literate, ideologist and politician in the Tang Dynasty. In Liuzhou, there are some places of historical sites related to him, such as the Liuhou Memorial Temple, Liu Zhongyuan Cenotaph, Luo Pool, Juxiang Pavilion etc. This park was extended on the basis on of the Liuhou Memorial Temple in 1909.

Inside the park, there is a 7 hectares large artificial lake, and the curved bridge beautify the lake, verdant trees, pavilion and rockery decorated this lake even more beautiful and elegant. Besides, there are also some other recreational facilities including Miniature Garden, zoo and Children's Park. So if you have been to Liuzhou, this place should be on the list of your touring routes.

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