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Travel Guide - Wang Family Courtyard

Wang Family Courtyard is a perfect example of 5,000 years Chinese civilization and a excellent masterpiece of Chinese civil resicdence architecture of Qing DynastyChina travel deals . Wang Family Courtyard was built by the Wang family in Jingsheng and successively in the periods of Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong and Jiaqing in Qing Dynasty. Taiyuan Wang family in history has been one of the four large families in Lingshi county. The architecture has a magnificent scale with five alleys, five forts, and five ancestral temples. Besides, the courtyard layout of the five forts were compared to designs of five lucky animals of “dragon, phoenix, tortoise, kylin and tiger” respectively.

Gaojiaya, Red-gate Fort, and Chongningbao, all of those three architectural complexes are closed fortress architectures on the Yellow High Land China travel service, which are closely connected with each other through bridges, while inside of these architectures, cave houses and tile built houses get connected artfully and excellently.

The two main courtyards of Gaojiaya architectural complex are 3-year Siheyuan (quadrangles), which have separate kitchen yard and home school yard with private tutor as well as common classics-learning academy, flower yard, long-term hired farm-laborer yard and enclosed yard (servant yard), in addition to the sacrificial ancestral hall at high place and the embroidering buildings on both sides Holidays in China.

The Wang’s Museum, which was set up in Red-gate Fort, is the study, exhibition, collectionand development center of Wang’s culture and also the nice place to have an overall image of Wang’s family. Besides, the overall layout of Chongningbao architectural complex is similar to that of Red-gate Fort.

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