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Travel Experience to Chuandixia Village

Only 60 kilometers away from Beijing there is a unique mountain village named Chuandixia Village affordable China tours. This village is situated at the valley of Jingxi mountain area, and it is famous for its well protected 500 Ming and Qing dynasty-style garth houses owned by seventy families, ancient but stainless, just like another “Shangri-la”.

Features of Chuandixia Village

Those houses on the mountainside China travel service have remained basically untouched for centuries, surrounded by ranges and exuberant forests. Steep rungs and routes paved with rocks are simple and plain.

The village was regarded as a village of ideal tourist importance and has been positioned under national level cultural relics China Photography Tours protection. It was also a wonderful place to take a photograph. The local people are hospitable and will opened their homes to supply local snacks for you.

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