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What is Huaminglou

Huaminglou is located in northeast border of Wangcheng County, southeast of Ningxiang County boundary, Hunan Province last minute China travel deals. It is 30 kilometers east from Changsha.
General introduction

Huaminglou covers an area of more than 670,000 square meters with the total floor space of 35,000 square meters. The main scenic spots are Liu Shaoqi's Former Residence, Memorial Hall, Bronze Statue Square, Exhibition Hall, etc.
With a height of 100 feet, Huaming Tower is five-storey. It’s an ancient style tower and decorated by kinds of flowers with good implied meanings, something like plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum and lotus.

Huaming Park opened in year 2003, occupying more than 130,000 square meters.
Well-known for what

Huaminglou last minute China travel deals is famous because it's the hometown of Liu Shaoqi - one of the great leaders in Chinese revolution. The former residence was severely damaged. In 1980, it was entirely restored. On November 24, 1988, Huaminglou was finally set.

Liu Shaoqi was born in a common typical peasant family in Huaminglou, Nov.24, 1898. Huaminglou is a courtyard house with civil structure. There is a pool in front of it, trees surrounding. It has more than 30 thatch-grass houses in all, besides living rooms, numbers of them are harness-rooms, pigsties, warming-houses, and also reading room for children to study.
Memorial Museum

n honor of Liu Shaoqi, there is a Memorial Museum 500 meters from Liu Shaoqi's former residence. It displayed more than 800 cultural relics and materials, including part of Liu Shaoqi's books and daily things.
Bronze Statue

Liu Shaoqi’s Bronze Statue Square covers over eight thousand square meters with a 7.1 meters high statue of himself. It was donated by Chinese National General Labor Union. Famous sculptor Liu Kaiqu and Cheng Yunxian sculptured it.
Airplane Doyle

Here, we can also find Airplane Doyle -18-240 (a turbine spiral medium range airliner imported from former Soviet Union in 1959) once taken by Liu Shaoqi. With a 36.9 meters’ fuselage, 37.4 meters’ wingspan, this is the specified airplane for leaders. Liu Shaoqi had participated in many important activities on foreign affairs taking this one, such as visit of Indonesia, Burma, Cambodia and Vietnam. Since this plane is the true one, so it has high historical value. No doubt, it is a precious cultural heritage. The plane is preserved completely and opened to public on Nov.24, 2003.

Composing of main pavilion China Photo Tour, two courtyards and one small square, the name of Accomplishment Pavilion comes from one of Liu Shaoqi's works Accomplishment of Members of Communist Party.

Present Huaminglou has changed entirely to a tourist attraction, totally different from the past. Each part enhances other’s beauty, forming a wonderful place with definitely beauty and rich history, humanity together.

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