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Get to know Dongting Lake

Dongting Lake is located in the north of Hunan Province, south of the Yangtze River Yangtze River tour. It is the fourth biggest lake and the second biggest freshwater lake in China. With an area of 2,820 million square meters, Dongting Lake is immense and circuitous. It has different sceneries all the year round, and sceneries change all the time in a day. Yueyang Tower sits closely by Dongting Lake. Standing on Yueyang Tower, you can have a panoramic view of beautiful sceneries around Dongting Lake.

Dongting Lake was originated from the period of Spring and Autumn and Warring States (770-221 B.C.), and it got the name because of Dongting Mountain (Junshan Island nowadays). Dongting Lake was once the biggest freshwater lake in China, and its area was reduced to 2,820 million ? from 6,000 million square meters in Qing Dynasty. It was surpassed by Poyang Lake in 1950s. Dongting Lake is important lake basin with the functions of water reservoir and floodwater storing. It is divided into East, West and South Dongting Lakes because of sediment accumulation. 

Yueyang Tower sits closely by Dongting Lake China vacation deals. It is one of the famous three Towers in south of China. Yueyang Tower was first built in 220 B.C. and named as Baling City Gate Tower, and then the name was changed as Yueyang Tower in Tang Dynasty (618-907A.D.). It was said that it worked as the “Wappenschaw Tower” in Three Kingdoms Period (220-280 B.C.). There are many famous poems to describe the Yueyang Tower and beautiful Dongting Lake, and the famous one is Yueyang Tower Record written by Fan Zhongyan in Northern Song Dynasty (989-1052 A.D.). Yueyang Tower is the only ancient tower that preserves the original face in the famous three Towers in south of China, and it has an incomparable art value.
Junshan Island

Its old name was Dongting Mountain, and it was said that it was the dwelling for Gods. It is an solitary island in the Dongting Lake with an area of no more than one million square meters. Visiting Junshan Island by ferryboat on Dongting Lake is a pleasant enjoyment. Dongting Lake is famous for many species of bamboos like mottled bamboo, Bambusa ventricosa, Chimonobambusa quadrangularis, black bamboo and mao bamboo and so on.
Dragon Saliva Well

Junshan Island What & Where to buy in China shapes like a dragon reclining on Dongting Lake. There are two peaks resembling palate and lower jaw of a dragon, and a small peak in the mid is like “dragon’s tongue”. A well under “dragon’s tongue” is always pure and not dry all year, which is like Saliva dropping from “dragon’s tongue”.
Liuyi Well

Liuyi Well is unfathomable. It is located at the root segment of “dragon’s tongue”. It has another name Orange Well. It was said that there was an orange tree standing aside the well in Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.).
Lishi Village

It is located on the Chishan Island between South and West Dongting Lake. It is the longest island of 30 kilometers in Dongting Lake, and its width is four kilometers. It is surrounded by water, and it is like a huge emerald embedded on Dongting Lake.
Dongting specialties

Dongting Lake is plenty of fishes and rice. It is rich of fishes, and whitebait is the most famous. There is a famous fish feast named Baling Fish Feast that is made of 12 to 20 kinds of fishes from Dongting Lake.
Yueyang Fans

Yueyang paper fan is transparent, and it has small framework and thin paper. Feather fan is made of feathers from wild goose around Dongting Lake. Now Yueyang Fans have various kinds of 250.
Dongting Tea

It has a history of 1400 years, and is one of the ten famous teas in China. It is famed for its shape, color, sweet smell, and good taste.

Others specialties are Chuanshan writing brush, Hunan lotus, orange and ramie and so on.

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