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Travel Guide - Great Buddha at Lingshan

Great Buddha sits in Small Lingshan District, south of Taihu Lake of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province China vacation deals. It was built on the former site of Xiangfu Temple that was a famous temple in Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties. Great Buddha at Lingshan is the highest open-air standing statue of Sakyamuni in the world. Lingshan as a Buddhist Holy Land can be traced from Tang Dynasty. It was said that Small Lingshan gained the name by Tang Xuanzang (a famous monk in Tang Dynasty). Now Great Buddha at Lingshan is a symbol of Wuxi City.

Majestic Great Buddha

Great Buddha at Lingshan has a merciful looking. He looks down all the living with smile, and his right hand points to sky meaning saving the living from the pain and left hand points to the earth meaning bringing happiness to all the people. Looking up the Great Buddha, it is set off by blue sky and white cloud, and it is so majestic.

Great Structure

As the highest open-air standing statue of Sakyamuni in the world, Great Buddha at Lingshan China travel service is 88 meters high including the lotus base, and the height of Buddha body is 79 meters. Buddha body is made of 1,560 pieces of bronze sidings with the thickness of 6-8 millimeters, and the total welding line reach 30 kilometers. Great Buddha consumes the bronze about 700 tons, and it can defend super typhoon and earthquake.
Splendid Screen Wall

Lingshan Screen Wall is 41.6 meters long and 6.63 meters high, which is solemn and splendid. Screen Wall is in a traditional architecture style. On the south side is a huge stone embossment and the pattern comes from a Buddhist legend that the Tathagata is preaching on the Lingjiu Mountain (Small Lingshan now), and the pattern in the north describes the origination of Small Lingshan.

Lingshan "Asoka Pillar"

Lingshan “Asoka Pillar” is 16.9 meters high and the weight is 200 tons, and the diameter is 1.8 meters, which is distinctive because of the whole pillar with hand engraving. With the character of Asoka Pillar Public China Holidays in Chinese and Sanskrit, it is the unique sculpture artwork in China. “Asoka Pillar” originated from ancient India. It was said that Asoka (273-236 B.C.) of Maurya Dynasty fought and massacred for all his life. He was guilty in his old age and converted to Buddhism. He began go build stone pillars all over the world to advocate Buddhism. Buddhism becomes the worldwide religion because of him.

Great Palm

The great palm is a copy as same as the right hand of Great Buddha at Lingshan. The palm is 11.7 meters high and 5.5 meters wide, and the total weight is 13 tons. The diameter of a finger is one meters. There is a saying that touching the Buddha’s hand can have a good future and longevity.

Wuyin Altar City

Wuyin Altar City is a grand building with six layers in Tibetan architecture style. It covers the area of 8,000 square meters, and 31.55 meters high. It shrines the statues of the Five Buddha, and they are Ratnaketu in the south, Amitabha in the west, Amoghasiddhi in the north, a flash of Buddha and Mahavairocana in the middle What & Where to buy in China.

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