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Travel Guide - Guyao

Located in the No.1 Guyao Road, Jingdezhen City last minute China travel deals, Guyao is the first choice for tourists to visit which can help you fully appreciate the history of porcelain culture and shows the process of the traditional porcelain in Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasty. Covering an area of 83 hectares, Guyao uses the building characters in the layout of the garden of Ming Dynasty. In here, you also can make a ceramic by yourself.


As the Chinese special kiln, the furnace accounts for about one fourth area of the Zhenyao. Except the kiln, the rest place is about two-layer structure. The second floor is mainly used to store the pine wood. The tall chimney is built by brick masonry, whose building skills are very convincing. The firing chamber looks like a duck egg with one side large and the other small. The space near the door is wide and high, otherwise, the space near the chimney is narrow and small, which is also called Duck Egg Yao. The Zhenyao in Jingdezhen is the most well-preserved and the most valuable, which is announced as the Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit.


As one of the typical kilns in Song (420-479), Yuan (1271-1368) and Ming (1368-1644) dynasties, Mantouyao China travel service is famous for its shape like dome. The furnace of the Mantouyao is down-draft, which leads the fire to spray to the top of the kiln and then spray back to the kiln bed. The sintering temperature can be as high as one thousand three hundred centigrade. After the constant exploration, the construction of kiln skill is in the top level among the traditional furnaces.


As one of the traditional ceramic kilns, the furnaces in Longyao lies along the mountains shaped like a dragon. The structure of Longyao is simple which is divided into three parts. The kiln head is set with separated fire chamber and the rest combustion chamber are all in the channel. The fuel-filling holes arranged symmetrically are located in both sides' walls. In general, the straw is as the fuel, which has the advantage of low cost, large quantity of equipment burning and use of the waste heat. Longyao makes outstanding contributions to the development of the porcelain in Song Dynasty (420-479).

Porcelain Music Pavilion

The porcelain orchestra in Jingdezhen China Holidays was built successfully in 1985, who invented a new ethnic percussion using the porcelain bowl as the main materials. The invention won the National Invention Award. This porcelain instruments use the high quality porcelain to make instruments with professional musical instrument technology. The playing sound is sweet, clear, and beautiful. The moderated volume range and intonation adjustment are relatively stable and not influenced by temperature, which is the first invention in the world. In the recent years, the porcelain orchestra has been to Japan, Russia and other countries and regions to perform. Wherever they go, they are warmly welcomed by the local people.

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