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An optional destination for China travel- The Mulan Paddock

The Mulan Paddock (Mulan weichang) is one of the few natural grassland resorts in Hebei Province last minute China travel deals, and so is a popular destination for those after a bit of fresh air and countryside. For those Beijingers who do not have the time to set off for the more ruggedly realistic grasslands of Inner Mongolia, or even the Republic of Mongolia, this is a nice diversion.

The area has long been known as a well stocked hunting ground and it was on a Qing Dynasty excursion to these grasslands, headed by emperor Kangxi, that the village of Rehe, later to become Chengde, was shown imperial fancy. Nowadays, in the summer, the resort is ideal for outdoor activities, including sleeping in Mongolian Yurts, Riding on Horseback, Walking and Climbing. Botanists can also, quite literally, have a field day here. In the cold, northern winters, the area is open for Hunting and some Skiing Holidays in China.

It would be wise, in both summer and winter, to bring along plenty of cold weather clothing, since the temperatures here, especially at night, can often drop dramatically. In the summer, sun protection (hat, UV protected glasses and sun screen), gloves and climbing/walking boots are recommended.

How to get there: In summer peak time, from Chengde China travel service, catch a bus (daily morning; 2hrs) at Dehui Gate (Dehui men; near the Summer Villa) head for Paddock County (Weichang xian). Alternatively, catch a train (3hrs, about RMB15), getting off at the Siheyong Station (Siheyong zhan), that is situated within the Mulan Paddock. In winter, renting a car or a jeep will cost about RMB200 per person.

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