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Explore Huangqing Pool

Lotus park

The Huaqing Palace has taken on a new look since the 21st century. In 2005 the Huaqing Pool last minute China travel deals was extended westward bout 30,000 square meters, forming the present Lotus Lake scenic area with the Lotus lake and the Changsheng Palace as the main parts surrounded by Debao Building, Guolao Chinese Herbal Hall, Imperial Tea Room, Fairy Hall. The water of Lotus Lake runs under the Yuxian Bridge into the Nine-Dragon lake. Lined with weeping willows and surrounded with green grass, the Lotus Lake ,with ducks and swans spotted on the surface, shows a harmonic beauty. Changsheng Palace is famous for the fact that it was the spot where emperor Xuan Zong and Lady Yang swore to love each other forever on a Chinese valentine night. Now it exhibits the unearthed cultural relics and documents, presenting a system of 6000 years historical culture of the Huaqing Pool.

Debao Building

The building gets its name from a famous song in Tang dynasty Debaozi which means that Lady Yang was the treasure to Emperor Xuan Zong. Another legend has it that Emperor bestowed the building on Yang Guozhong, Lady Yang's elder brother. Now it is a shop of tourist souvenirs Shopping in China.

Guolao Chinese Herbal Hall
Tang emperor Xuan Zong admired Zhang Guo, a Taoist, for his magic arts which were supposed to enjoy eternal youth,and often received Zhang in the Huaqing Palace. Later Emperor ordered the construction of Guolao Chinese Herbal Hall where Zhang could study his Taoist and alchemy to make elixir of life, which would help emperor live forever. Now the Hall has changed into a herbal drugstore for tourists.

Imperial Tea RoomThe palatial tea ceremony of Tang dynasty is an important part in the Huaqing Palace culture Public China Holidays. Now the building is a tea room where visitors can enjoy the beauty of surrounding scenery while listening to Chinese classical music and sipping sweet teas. It is an ideal place to have an appreciation of Chinese aesthetic culture in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Goddess Pavilion
The Goddess Pavilion, which was built in 2005, gets its name for it holds a marble goddess statue which indicates that the Lishan mountain hot springs are one of the sources of human civilization in ancient days.? The statue of three goddesses, respectively holding plant, fish and pointed- bottom vase, vividly portraits the scene about 6000 years ago when people worshiped and used the hot springs. It marked the beginning of Huaqign Pool's cultural history.

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