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A visit to primitive forest of Ailao Mountain

Ailao Mountain in Xinping County Public China Holidays is an appealing place with fascinating green.

The mountain looks dark green from a distance. The paths in the mountain is underneath the tall trees and thick leaves. It looks dark in the mountain with shelters of towering trees. Some mosses grow on the trunk, telling people that the trees are still in the swaddling of the nature. The ground is soft with thick leaves lying on it.

Looking upon through the upon leaves, you may see the sunshine. The mountain in the section of Xinping is a core area for the Ailao Mountains, and it is also a well-preserved primitive forest. The forest covers about 73.44 percent of the total area in the county, about 4.223 square kilometers.

Many years ago when the horse caravan was still moving on the path in the forest Trips to China, some special products such as bronze, grains, herds and teas have been delivered out of the area, while some yarns, cloths and salts were transported here. Nor far from the path, there was a manor of a former minority hereditary headmen. The construction style of the manor combines the wooden carving with some traditional Chinese calligraphy, painting and landscape art.

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