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Tube-shaped silver earrings tailor-made for Va women in Yunnan

There is a special ethnic group living on the amazing Awa Mountain affordable China tours, that is, Va. With bold trait, women of Va have special tastes for accessories---big-sized tube-shaped silver earrings.

Women of Va ethnic group ardently love wearing tube-like earrings, broad bracelets and fine rattan hoops, symbolizing the bold, strong and unconstrained characters of Va people. The big-sized silver earrings, necklaces, beads, bones of birds and shell-made necklaces, multifarious, look lustrous and dazzling. The aged ladies prefer wearing tube-like earrings which are about five cm in length and carved with decorative pattern on the tip. Some women insert fragrant flowers and money in the earrings which are convenient for payment in the fair.

Va people call themselves "Awa" today. Though Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) has witness different nicknames of Va ethnic group Shopping in China, they have been called by a joint name "Vazu" (Va ethnic group) since the foundation of China in 1949. The meaning of Va ethnic group is "people living on the mountains".

The main inhabitant of Va is on the southwest of Yunnan province, such as Ximeng County (西盟), Cangyuan County(沧源), Menglian County (孟连)and Gengma County(耿马).

Situated between Lantsang River Yangtze River tour and Salween River, Va areas lay mainly on the south of Nushan Mountains. It is a mountainous place, so you can hardly see plat lands here, so it is called Awa Mountain. With complex climate atmospheres in the mountainous area, it is abundant in economic forests. Deep in the jungle inhabit wild lives such as elephants, tigers, leopards, deer, bears and boars.

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