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Find the most beautiful village: Laodabao Village in Pu'er

Please go south after walking out of Lancang county, Pu'er city, Yunnan province China vacation deals. When you walk through the green luxuriant and old-growth forest amid fog all the way, you breathe the fresh air even in midsummer. When the fog becomes thicker, and you will see more Pu'er tea gardens. When you find more bamboos on the way and on the mountain, you are closer to Lahu people's village. When you hear guitar from a faraway village, you are arriving at Laodabao village.

Due to moist climate, you can see pole and hurdle buildings here. Wooden piling, bamboo bridging, and tile hanging can keep the rain and heat off. When you walk into Laodabao, you see numerous Lahu people's cultural sites: bamboo weaving, cloth weaving, farm tool production, top, and Lusheng (a reed-pipe wind instrument representing Lahu people China travel service).

According to the epics passed down from mouth to mouth among Lahu people, the ancestors of Lahu people were born in calabash. Thus, you can find the calabash patterns in buildings, garments, and instruments.

The ancestors of Lahu people were ancient Qiang, who originally lived in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Tibet tour and then moved to regions including Yunnan and Burma. Laodabao Village has a history of more than 100 years. All villagers in Laodabao are Lahu people. Over 80 percent of villagers can play guitar. Besides, villagers in Laodabao village, who have not received any professional training, are skilled in Lusheng Dance, Bai Dance, and unaccompanied harmonic song.

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