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Explore the beauty of Yunnan Nationalities Village

Lying on the northeastern shore of Dianchi Lake, in the southwest of Kunming, 20 minutes drive from city centre, Yunnan Nationalities Village affordable China tours is the epitome of Yunnan national culture. It displays the colorful cultures of 25 ethnic minorities in Yunnan Province through shows and performances as well as architectural practices.

With an area of about 133.4 hectares, Yunnan Minorities Park is vast, including 25 minority villages, each of which illustrates its own culture through architectures, costumes, religions, and lifestyles. There are 56 nationalities in China and 52 of them live in Yunnan. Among them 26 each has a population of more than 5,000. Each nationality has its particularities in terms of language, religion, and in the ways of conducting themselves in relation to others. 25 ethnic minorities, each of them has a village built on the premises, and there also be a square symbolizing unity among various ethnic groups Shopping in China, a theatre for the performance of ethnic songs and dances, a folklore museum of ethnic waxworks.

You can explore the park, village by village, until you get a good understanding of the minority groups of Yunnan. Minority groups of Dai, Bai, Yi, Hani, Naxi, Tibetan, Miao, Zhuang, Wa, Jinuo, Dulong, Lisu, Pumi, Nu, De’ang, Jingpo, Mongolian, Lahu, Yao, Hui, Buyi and Shui etc, living in different parts of Yunnan, present a promising visit as you may find yourself unable to travel around the entire rugged province to experience ethnic cultures.

Activities such as a welcoming ceremony with performing White Elephants, the Dinosaur Island theme park area, a concert area for ethnic singing and dancing performances, as well as an Asian Elephant show are held in the Plaza of Ethnic Unity Public China Holidays, so you can schedule accordingly as you explore the park. Don’t forget to join in the activities, as some of the minority villages invite visitors to do so! Yunnan Minorities Park is not only an ideal place to spend your vacation, but also a good place to experience the beauty and variety of Yunnan Province.

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