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Travel Guide - Glacier Park Cableway of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Going west for about 5 kilometers from the Snowflake Villa China tour deals in the Sweet Sea Meadow, you will reach the bottom station of the snow mountain, which is the start of the Great Cable Way of the snow mountain. You will densely forest at an altitude of 3,356 meters. The cable way starts from here, ends at the top station which is at the bottom of Sanzidou(Fan) Peak, 4,506 meters above sea level. The whole cable way is 2,914 meters long, and the vertical difference in height is 1,150 meters. It is the highest passenger cable in China.

The cable way has been installed with full-sealed hanging aluminum box, which has 6 seats in it. It’s very comfortable. It only takes you half an hour to go from the immense forest at the bottom station to the expanse of white snow of the top station, but you will experience the climate of four seasons. You will be excited about the strong changes of the seasons, the big differences between hotness and coldness, and the great changes of the sceneries.

There are complete vertical natural sceneries of subtropical, temperate and frigid zones, and you experience all of them in a short time Public China Holidays. If you take open cable way, you will fully enjoy the vertical distribution of the plants in the snow mountain. Starting from the 3,000 altitude meadow, the cable would take you go through the forests of pines and firs. With the rising of the cable, the forests became gradually far away and large shrubbery appeared, and also bushes of azaleas. Reaching to the height of over 4,000 meters above sea level, you could only see some bryophytes adhered to the rocks. Then at last, large expanses of white snow would come into your eyes.

When you go out of the top station houses, you get to the Glacier Park of the Yulong Snow Mountain Student tours to China. Yulong Snow Mountain is a mountain with the lowest altitude and distributed with modern glacier in European and Asian Great Continent. On its east side, there are ancient glacier functioned relics from the Pleistocene Epoch, distributed in an area with a length of 15-16 kilometers from the south to the north, and a width of 4-5 kilometers from the east to the west. In such a region very close to the city, there are ancient glacier relics and a modern glacier, not large but with various kinds of types, which concentrated the major essence of middle and low altitude mountain glacier in the world. This is very rare in China. It plays a significant role in studies on glaciers, scientific investigation, protection on ecosystem and environment, and tourism.

In the waist of the Yulong Snow Mountain, there are 19 modern glaciers at the region between the altitudes of 4,000 and 4,200 meters. The total area amounts to 11.61 square kilometers. Among them 15 are on the east side while 4 are on the west. Types of the modern glacier in Yulong Snow Mountain can be divided into the following: mountain valley glacier, cirque glacier, hanging glacier and cirque valley glacier, cirque hanging glacier, from which the former ones transformed.

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