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History and religion for Dongba Kingdom

Lijiang affordable China tours has always been a beautiful place of peace and auspiciousness. Many different religions, such as the Naxi people's Dongba religion, Tibetan Buddhism and the Bon Religion of the Tibetan people, as well as Catholicism spread here by Western missionaries, peacefully co-exist in the region.


Over 1,000 years ago, the Naxi people, a branch of the ancient nomadic Qiang people who originated in Northwest China, settled along the banks of the Jinsha River Yangtze River tour in the Hengduan Mountains of Southwest China.

In the long process of development, the Naxi people created mysterious hieroglyphs which recorded objects in nature and the way that people lived. Such hieroglyphs have been recognized as a "living fossil" among the whole world's written languages.Although 10 centuries have lapsed, the fascinating hieroglyphs have been well preserved and are still revered by the Dongba shamans in their religious ceremonies.

In the Naxi language Public China Holidays, which is soft and musical, "Dongba" means "sage who can make divination and chant scriptures." In fact, the Dongba shamans are learned scholars in many fields: ancient sorcery, medicine, arts and crafts, history and literature. Throughout history, the Dongba shamans have been vital in carrying on the cultural lineage of the Naxi people.

Although many Dongba shamans' skills were cultivated by their fathers, any young man interested in the practice could also become an apprentice and gain local people's recognition through years of hard work. One of the basic tasks that a novice must accomplish before he could become a Dongba shaman is mastering the skill of writing the Dongba scriptures, which are written entirely in hieroglyphs.

With a bamboo pencil, special ink and a kind of brown paper made through a complicated process, the Dongba shamans paint the hieroglyphs for different scriptures.

The Dongba scriptures are like an encyclopedia of Naxi history and culture, as they record everything from details of religious ceremonies to legends of the world's beginning, production and life of the society, geology and astronomy, animals and plants, as well as the fundamental belief that humans should co-exist with nature in peace. In 2003, Ancient Naxi Dongba Literature Manuscripts were included in the World Memory Heritage List by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.Before modern medicine and mass media reached the Naxi people, locals relied on the Dongbas to hold various rituals with goals ranging from grave matters such as paying tribute to Heaven and Earth to trivialities like treating an ailment.

Dongba Religion China travel service can be seen as a primitive polytheism which worships everything in nature. Although Dongba Religion was widely practised, somehow it never developed into strict organizations in temples as did Tibetan Buddhism, which has many branches and grand monasteries.

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