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Travel Guide - Dulongjiang River Canyon,Nujiang

Dulong River Canyon is situated in the northwest of Yunnan Province affordable China travel packages, and neighbors with Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and India in the north, neighboring with Burma in the west. The thorough fish survey was taken from October to November in 2004, and 883 specimens and 7 species were sampled; these species belong to 3 families or subfamilies £¨Sisoridae, Schizothoracinae and Labeoninae£? and 6 genera £¨Pseudecheneis, Pareuchiloglans, Oreoglanis, Exostoma, Schizothorax and Placocheilus£?. The present research provide the complete description for each species. Comparised with ichthyofaunas of neighboring water system, the ichthyofauna of Dulong watershed is closer with that of Nujiang River.

Dulong River rises from Boshulachen Snow Mountain in Tibet. The upper branch, Luoluo River and Mabiluo River, converge into Dulongjiang River Yangtze River tour. The Chinese part of Dulongjiang River is 250 km long. The river flows into Gongshan County from Dibuli and passes Maoding, turns west, passes Maku Village in Gongshan County and flows into Burma and joins Enmeikai River. The Yunnan part is 80 km long and has a drainage area of 1,947 sq km. Along Dulong River is the famous Hengduan Mountains.

To the west of the river is Dandanglika Moutain Holidays in China and to the east of the river is Gaoligong Mountain. The terrain changes a lot in the region, and the temperature varies much at the foot of the mountain and the top of the moutain. The rushing river water drops greatly in the river. The velocity of flow vary from three meters per second to six meters per second. There are also rare birds and animals and precious Chinese medicine materials in the thick forests along the river. Up to now, the region has not been developed.

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