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Travel Guide - Hansa Zangfang Temple in Ruili

It is one of the bigger temples in Ruili village China vacation deals, belongs to the wood railing frame architecture, grandly and beautifully, with flowery ornament. The corridor is near the door and a couple of peacocks carved into the door. Inside the zangfang, there is a tall figure of Sakyamuni sitting in the seat, gracefully and elegantly, with five disciples standing beside him. The peacocks, white elephants and kylin were drawn in the roof and the wall of the temple. Long flags hung on the girder, which made it more magnificent.

In the stockaded villages of Dai people, nearly every family has a magnificent house, and Hansa Zang House is the biggest and most magnificent one among those houses in Ruili. Zang House means “temple” and is a kind of buildings with balustrades. It is always colourfully decorated, and well known along Sino-Burma boundary Holidays in China. The temple is not very large, but there is a kindly dignitary in the temple who will enlighten you and bless you if you are lucky enough.

Hansa Zang House is a building with Dai characteristics. Hiding in bamboos and roots of Ficus microcarpa China travel service , it , together with neighbouring stockaded villages of Dai, forms a harmonious block of buildings. It is said that this is the soul of traditional buildings of Dai and artistic storehouse of Dai culture. Every Dai festival, pilgrims and tourists will come to worship in an endless stream.

“Hansa Zangfang” is the pith of Dai’s architecture and artistic treasury of Dai’s culture.

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