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Get to know Verbage from Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley Park,Chuxiong

The world’s largest dinosaur fossil preservation site affordable China tours is nearly 10,000 sq meters, the largest of its kind. Over 30 sets of individual dinosaur fossils (400-odd fossils remain underground) are exhibited. It is the core protected area of China Lufeng Dinosaur National Geopark. There are also over 60 sets of restored and mounted dinosaur skeletons and other reptile fossils including some rarely seen elsewhere in the world, such as 12 complete dinosaur skulls touted as particularly rare treasures.

The dinosaur fossils in Lufeng have been sound asleep for billions of years under the red land except for when local people collected some of the fossils, known as “dragon bones”, for treating some diseases, kindling “ dragon lanterns” or using them as “toy stone beads”. No one knew the truth until the arrival of two specialists, Yang Zhongjian and Bian Meinian.

Mr. Yang Zongjian (1897-1979), the founder of Chinese Vertebrate Paleontology China Holidays as well as the father of Chinese dinosaur studies, was a native of Hua county of Shaanxi province. He was enrolled in the Department of Geology of Beijing Univ in 1917 and went abroad to the University of Munich in Germany for self-funded doctorate studies of Vertebrate Paleontology in 1924. After his graduation and return from Germany, Yang Zhongjian worked at the Central Geological Survey Center. In 1929 he worked as deputy director for the Cenozoic Research Office of the Central Center of Geological Survey and started to take charge of the excavation at the Peking Man Site in Zhoukoudian. From then on he dedicated his life to the research of Chinese vertebrate paleontology.

In 1937 after the outbreak of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, Yang Zhongjian transferred to Kunming city, Yunnan province, as head of the Kunming Work Station of the Central Center of Geological Survey. In October 1938, two assistants to Yang Zhongjian were on their way back to Kunming from a survey in Youmou basin and stayed overnight in Lufeng.

At that time the Yunnan-Myanmar road China shopping was under construction in Lufeng. According tothe construction workers, there were “dragon bones” at Shawan in the northwest of Lufeng. The assistants soon found some fossils in a gully to the northeast of Shawan. In 1938, Dr. Yang Zhongjian, dug out the first dinosaur fossils. The exposed string of cervical vertebrae fossils of a Lufeng Dilophosaurus opened the most brilliant page in China’s history of dinosaur excavation and research.

As of 1951, after 13 years during which the fossils experienced relocation several times, they finally settled in one place. In 1995, a large Late Middle Jurassic dinosaur site was found in Ana Dinosaur Mountain of Chuanjie township, Lufeng county, (the present World Dinosaur Valley), buried with hundreds .

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