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Travel Guide - The Ancient Ceramics Kiln Site

The ancient ceramics kiln is located on the eastern part of Qianguashan Hill in Hongta Industrial Zone China vacation deals. It was discovered in December 1960. According to research, the kiln started the production in Yuan Dynasty and got developed by soldiers moved from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, one of the most famous areas for ceramics production.

Plenty of ceramics were unearthed at the site, including green-glazed porcelains, blue and white porcelains, and black-glazed porcelains. The identification of these porcelains shows that the production techniques of them have reached a mature stage. The patterns on the blue and white porcelains unearthed here resemble those in Jingdezhen from Yuan Dynasty, which suggests the influence of Jingdezhen on the ceramics What & Where to buy in China production in Yuxi. The research also shows that, beside Jingdezhen, Yuxi is the earliest area in China that started producing blue and white porcelains. The production techniques in Yuxi were innovated by skilful craftsmen and the products were endowed with distinctive local characteristics. The blue and white porcelains produced in Jingdezhen were covered with white glaze while those in Yuxi were covered with green glaze. The technique called “green glaze printing with blue and white patterns” on green and blue kettle with fish and aquatic weeds unearthed in Yuxi has never been seen in other ancient kilns in China. The kettle now is preserved in the Palace Museum and its picture is collected in the General History of China.

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