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Tips: 1. food: You can eat at the home of the villagers last minute China travel deals. Usually they would charge you about 10 yuan for each meal. You can eat some green food they plant themselves, and some bacon and preserved ham. You can also have some rice wine made by the Zhuang people themselves.

2. activities with folk customs: Holding a memorial ceremony for dragons, surrounding fish, Water-splashing Festival, singing songs, Lion dances, kicking leaf balls and drilling with ancient weapons.

3. arrangement for the time: The main aim to the Bamei Village is to experience the special folk customs and the living conditions here. So you need to stay here for some time. The suggested time is 2 to 3 days.

4. please bear these in mind:
A. the Bamei Village China travel service is a newly developed scenic spot. There are no highways. All the roads are rugged dust roads. So the travel by bus will be very hard. The ones who may easily get carsick will have to suffer a lot more. Especially from the entrance of the cave of the Tangna Village to the Bamei Village there is a road which is as long as 2.5 kilometers. You can only walk. So a pair of flatties are necessary so that you may suffer less and walk quicker.

B. if you want to go to the Bamei Village, you have to go through a very dark water cave first. So before you set out, bring a flashlight or an emergency light with you for Holidays in China. It is advisable that girls don’t go alone for safety.

C. surrounded by high mountains, the Bamei Village has not been electrified yet. Almost all the food, clothes and daily necessities the villagers use are self-sufficient. The only buffet in the village is run by a Zhuang woman and you can only find some daily necessities there.

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