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Travel Guide - Yuntaishan National Geopark

Yuntai mountain is located in Xiuwu county affordable China travel packages, Jiaozuo city of Henan province, covering an area of 190 square kilometers. The name Yuntai means "platform of clouds" which comes from a famous folks story in ancient times. According to the story, an ancient emperor once tried to learn how to walk on clouds in this mountain, not some kind metaphor, it's really walking on clouds.

As a matter of fact, Yuntai mountain has enjoyed a very high prestige both from domestic and abroad. One authority from UNESCO(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) made such comment about it, "Yuntain mountain is an amazing geological park which is second to none. It impresses me in so many ways, just like a Beethoven symphony made with mountain and water. Not only the beautiful view tourists can enjoy, but also some interesting traditional local culture is waiting for them to explore during China Holidays.

It used to be a giant sea in million years ago. As the time went and the earth movement, it became what we see today. All these great changes just makes it more appealing for tourists, there are numerous awesome tourist spots inside the park and each one has its own feature. To name a few, there are Thousand Rocks, Red Stone Valley, Son House Lake, Booming Spring Stream, Monkey Valley, Colorful Layered Cave, All Kind temple and so many more. Usually tourist would spend 2 days here to visit them all.

The difference of Yuntai mountain's water and other place is that they can sink in and out anywhere, which brings enough water for all the plants in the park, flowers, trees, all the creatures. It is a whole wonderful world of green, decorated with the joyful sound of water. The first destination for us is the Splashing Pond gorge, it is jammed with people, crowds moving like a dragon.

The main peak of Yuntai mountain (an optional for yourChinese Tours) called Zhuyu peak, about 1308 meters high above the sea level. If you want to get to the peak, the tour bus would have to pass through the colorful layered cave. The trip is perfect for some excitement lovers, our bus is literally worming its way inside the mountain. Everyone is loud when they first get on the bus but a few min later, there is only quietness left.

They are all holding their breath and pay attention to the driver and the dangerous road outside the window. On some certain spot, I am too scared to open my eyes and just wish I was already at the mountain top. This could be a perfect hide-away from the chaos world, no one would ever find you. Just a random thought.

Everywhere you go there is always one thing keeping your company- the water, making all the journeys more fun. Besides the color green, red is another main color here because of the Red Stone Valley. It appears red cuz there is iron in the stone, seeing red in this large area is so rare and everyone is taking photos and bring some good memories back with them. Don't miss this place for your China Educational tours.

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