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Travel Guide - Rawok-tso & The Lhegu Glacier

The old town of Rawok is worth a wander. A road leads into the warren from the north end of the Rawok strip China travel deals . From here you can work your way through to the large chorten, mani wall and small temple overlooking the lake in the southeast of town. The surrounding fields are full of wooden platforms for drying barley.

It’s worth heading north of town and taking the side road southeast for around 6km to the second lake, Rawok-tso. The views here are excellent and it’s a great place for a picnic. It’s a popular location for Chinese tourists, who come to watch the sunrise.

The most popular excursion from Rawok China travel service is to the Lhegu Glacier, 31km from Rawok. It’s so popular, in fact, that you might find your- self racing a convoy of Beijing tourists. The main draw is the stunning scenery, some of the best along the entire southern road. The glacier itself is impressive, especially because it tumbles into a picturesque lake, but most of the ice flow is hidden by the mountain to the north, Retob Kangri (Kangri Karpo). To get full views you’ll have to cross a stream and hike along the moraine for an hour or so.

To get to the glacier from Rawok, follow the road east to Rawok-tso, take the right fork 16km from Rawok and follow this rough dirt road for another 15km. From the car park it’s a 20-minute walk up to views of the glacier, or ride a horse for Y20. With an early start it’s possible to visit the glacier and then continue on to Pasho Tibet tour in the afternoon.

The left branch continues into the border region of Dzayul (Zayu), just 20km from Myanmar (Burma). Foreigners are not allowed on this road.

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