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Travel Guide - Tsubu Monastery & Ramoche Temple

Tsubu Monastery

The Tsubu Monastery, also known as the Tolung Tsurpu, is in a small town call Gurum, which lies about 70 kilometers outside the Tibetan capital of Lhasa Tibet Travel. It served as the seat for the for Karmapa, who was the head of the largest sub-school of the Kagyupa, a major school of Buddhism. The monastery was founded in the 12th century by the first Karmapa.

What is unique about this temple is it's location. At over 14,000 feet (roughly 4,250 meters) above sea level, the monastery was built in a beautiful valley with towering, majestic mountains looming over the sacred grounds. It is an active temple Top China travel Destinations, with monks actively worshipping, performing spiritual readings, recitings and Buddhist chants. Between the landscape and the live rituals, Tsubu will be an experience that you will never forget. Once a month, there is a small festival in which the Buddha of Garmapa touches the heads of any and all visiting locals and tourists. For those lucky enough to hit up the monastery at the right time, they will be blessed by the holy man. It is said that if he touches you on the head, you will be virtually free from any negative energy and disaster for the remainder of your life. Just like the Ramoche Temple, the Tsubu also is known for its rare relics. Thus making it is a well preserved and protected site.

Ramoche Temple

The Ramoche Temple is a Buddhist monastery that is considered one of the most important temples in Lhasa China vacation packages. It is located in the northwestern region of Lhasa, a city of over a million people and Tibet's capital. Ramoche is a sort of sister temple to the great Jokhang temple. It was founded all the way back in the 7th century, and unlike other temples of its time, was originally built in a very traditional Chinese style. Visitors can clearly see that strong Tang influences are noticeable in the architecture. Many varying legends surround the temple. Many of the stories involve the Tang Princess Wen Cheng, who was one of the first to live in the palace.

The temple was nearly destroyed on a number of occasions. It saw harsh times during the Mongol invasion and was gutted as late as the 1960s. Recent efforts have been made to restore the Ramoche Temple back to its original beauty. Entering the building brings you up close with ten large pillars that contain a few of the remaining Tibetan relics. Because of this, it has become one of the key protection sites of Tibet. And you can't miss the Jowo Miky? Dorje of the Ramoche Temple. The colorful artifact is one of the best known features of the temple. It’s a beautiful ornate statue depicting Buddha at just eight years old. It was badly damaged at one point, disappeared completely at another, but is now back safe and sound at his home in Ramoche Temple Tailor-made China Tours.

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Travel Guide - What to See at Drepung Monastery

The first floor of the Assembly Hall China vacation packages holds a striking statue of Dalai Lama XIII, magnificently lit by filtered sunshine and pungent yak butter lamps. Readings of the scriptures are often held here at midday, during which novices race one another to fetch tea from the kitchen for their elders.

To the left (west) of the Assembly Hall is the kitchen, where butter tea is prepared and donations are accepted.

The most revered image at Drepung is a 15m (49-ft.) tall statue of the 8-year old Maitreya Buddha (the future Buddha), designed by Tsongkapa and housed on the third floor of the main building China business tours. Visitors are offered holy water; to receive it, cup your right hand above your left, take a sip, and splash the rest on your head.

The second floor houses Buddhist scriptures and the first floor contains multiple Buddha statues and other decorations. A chapel to the north of the second floor houses a sacred mirror said to cure the facial diseases of those who gaze into it.

Several courtyards in the forest around the monastery Tailor-made China Tours are used by the monks for debating the sutras (Buddhist scriptures). The winners of the debates can take a test to earn the senior degree of Geshi.

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Guilin travel experience - Yangshuo Rock Climbing

Guilin is well-known for its Karst Mountains, so that the mountain formation provides a good site condition for rock climbing; there are many commercial rock climbing club in Yangshuo Tours in China that can organize rock climbing activities and running a half day or full day course. The clubs will offer professional Climbing Guide; Free Rock-climbing Information; Rock-climbing training programs for beginners.the quality of these operator are vary from the equipments and coaching qualifications, the basic tool they should provid are helmet, lifeline and kneepad, if you are the beginner, you must be practice under the guidance of coach.

The popular rock climbing peaks in Yangshuo

Moon hill
Moon Cave is named for its giant archway (about 50 meters, 980steps). Rock climbing travel to guilin is in the top hill archway about 20 meters high.

Wine Bottle Hill

Wine Bottle is the most popular climbing destination in town as it offers a large selection of quality routes, from 5.6 to 5.11d. it is located near by the butterfly spring cave about 2km from the town. Luxury China tours Wine Bottle Hill will take a short walk from the path the rock is exactly vertical, so the rock climbing here mainly relying on technology rather than force. The rock face in south, so it will be very hot when the sun came out, it will be better if do it in the afternoon.

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