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Must-see for Datong travel - The Nine Dragon Screen & Chunyang Temple

The Nine Dragon Screen

The Nine Dragon Screen in Datong city is imposing and appealing. Among three existing colored glaze screen walls in China, the oldest and the largest one have the most artistic charm.

The other two are now in Beijing Beijing tours– one is in front of the Gate of Imperial Supremacy at the Forbidden City, and the other is in Beihai Park. They were both built in 1756 in the Qing Dynasty, while the construction of nine-dragon screen in Datong was built 364 years earlier.

In the early Ming Dynasty, the founder Zhu Yuanzhang sent his 25 sons nationwide to govern and defend the territories and supervise local military, political, financial and cultural affairs in order to consolidate his regime.

Zhu Gui, the thirteenth son, was sent to supervise Datong, a vital military area in the north at the time.

Zhu built his mansion there. Its grandness and luxury were well expressed by the connected winding corridors.

To demonstrate the mansion’s splendor and dignity, Zhu ordered to set up the one-side nine-dragon screen in front of the main entrance.

Unfortunately, the magnificent buildings China tour packages were completely destroyed during a series of wars. Only the nine-dragon screen has survived.

Chunyang Temple

Chunyang Temple is a Taoist architecture built in the Qing Dynasty (1636-1911). It is also called Lu Zu Temple Customized China Tours because it is built for enshrining and worshipping Lu Dongbin (Lu Zu), an ancient fairy figure.

The temple is the only existing Quanzhen Taoist temple in the city.

It has a bilateral symmetry structure, which is a traditional building method of Quanzhen Taoist.

There are three halls located along the central axis, the Dragon and Tiger Hall, the Quanzhen Sanzu Hall (Lu Zu Hall) and the Sanqing Hall.

Bell Tower and Drum Tower Tour to China stand on both sides of the Dragon and Tiger Hall, and a pocket-sized landscape architecture is located on the west of the main courtyard.

Buildings in the temple are all elegant and exquisite. They can reflect the grandness and solemnness of the religion as well as the garden-like beauty.


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