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Where is Wenjiang Park?

Wenjiang Park is a public scenic park that sits along the Jiang’an River, at the southeast corner of Liucheng Street, Wenjiang district, in the city of Chengdu China Sichuan Tours. It was enlarged to 121 hectares in 2001. The park has 34 pavilions, terraces and pagodas.

Within the park, the road takes up an area of 41,000 square meters. Nearly 30,000 square meters are paved with granites and bluestones; 140,000 square meters are covered with lawns; and a parking lot takes up an area of 700 square meters.

There are also 3,500 meters of newly-built embankments and handrails, and more than 2,000 decorative lights of 20 kinds. With the decent decorations, the green and rippling water, blooming flowers and towering forests, the park is full of vitality.

With a novel layout of pagodas and terraces, charming bridges and waterside pavilions, and melodious music resonating around Guangqi Music Square China tour packages, the park is filled with flowing light and colors. Ancient Yufu culture infuses the modern ecological park, forming an unique tourist attraction of the Western Sichuan Plain with other scenic spots around the Wenjiang region.

The park is split into two parts by the Jiang’an River Yangtze river Cruise, one part being static scenery and the other being lively views. The two parts are connected by Boguan Bridge, Qiqu Bridge, Yinghui Bridge, Xianjiang Bridge and Liubin Bridge.

The lively part mainly consists of Yingbin Square, Guangqi Music Square, a catering and entertainment area, and a children’s park. In the center of this part lies Guangqi Music Square, which measures more than 8,000 square meters. A music fountain stage situated in the center of the music square expands towards the south in a fan shape.

There are 14 bronze seven-note columns on the stage, echoing the five-note columns of Chinese ancient music, on the waterside platform to the south of the square. The layout demonstrates three circles of different sizes stringed together by a winding stream with the centers of the circles situated on the same straight line, fully reflecting the will of Wang Guangqi, a famous musician, to perfectly integrate Chinese and Western music culture.

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