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A famous attraction in Nanjing - Nanjing Mochou Lake Park

Mochou Lake is situated west of Hanzhong Lu Station and it covers just over 116 acres in area. It is one of Nanjing tours Nanjing City's many attractions and has a lot of history behind it which was built up over a number of years.

Mochou Lake wasn't always a lake, as it appears to be today, having previously been very much an undistinguishable part of the Yangtze River Yangtze river Cruise, which since meandered in such a way that the channel which is now Mochou Lake became more and more distinguished, eventually forming the separated lake it is today.
Mochou Lake Park

The late 1920s saw the lake given the official name of Mochou Lake Park, to be later reconstructed and turned into a beautiful attraction, hosting an array of plant life and natural features which complement the constructions that serve as a collection of entertainment venues for visitors.


Upon entry into the Nanjing Travel Guide Nanjing Mochou Lake Park, guests are met by a sight of fountains which complement an ornamental pond, with a rock display adding to this initial scenery.

As one advances, the famous two-storey Shengqi Pavilion will come into view, resembling prehistoric times with its architectural simplicity, with the first floor housing the great work of some renowned artists, in the form of calligraphic scripts and paintings for the kind of viewing pleasure which acts as yet another window into ancient times.

The building's second floor has even more history to explore, depicting the display of a prized picture featuring the famous Ming Dynasty emperor, Zhu Yuanchang (Emperor Taizu) playing the game of I-go with a subject of his.

The Yujin Hall, former dwelling place of Mochou, is situated northwards of the Shengqi Pavilion, which is bisected by a pond that is populated with water lilies and houses a rather sullen-looking, white marble statue of Mochou.

There are a number of conflicting stories about how the name Mochou Lake came about, with two of the most prominent versions both based on a very sad plot involving a girl named Mochou, but what is certain is that her legacy lives on through Mochou Park China vacation packages.

Tourists particularly love to explore the small Mochou Lake island-like piece of land by boat, which is behind the pavilion, adding to the beauty of the Lake Park and making for just another visual stimulus to enjoy.

The annual boat race, which has been hosted since 1991, is something to look forward to as well if the visit is timed right.


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