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Things to Do in Baiya Grand Canyon

Stunning Appeal

The overall look of the Baiya Grand Canyon Luxury China tour packages is just jaw-dropping. There is an interesting mix of towering rock formations with varying heights. Below these is a body of water which remains pristine and clear.

For the people who go to this place, following the tour paths will enable them to immerse themselves into the beauty that Baiya Grand Canyon has to offer. The trails are also lined up with different types of trees and plants. Even the scorching summer heat could not penetrate through the thick leaves of the trees which serve as the shade for the pathways.

The plants and flowers which grow within the area of the Baiya Grand Canyon are amazing because most of these are rare. There are fragrant flowering trees with red stem and a myriad of other types of ferns. Even the animals which reside within the area like lizards and salamanders are not often found elsewhere.

Enjoying the Falls

Since the Baiya Grand Canyon China Custom Tours is made up of various rock formations, there are also mini-falls which people would pass by as they explore the surroundings. During the summer months, the water that trickles downwards from the rocks is minimized. Hence, visitors would have more opportunities to see the limestone rocks. As the rainy season comes in, the volume of the water increases. Some tourists prefer to go to this place during this season because they get to witness the thundering water that flows from the upper portion of the rocks.

Refreshing Swim

Since the falls also form pool of freshwater at its base, people who visit this tourist attraction can also go swimming China City Guide. The lake which is situated right below the falls is shallow but it looks very enchanting because of the clear water. Once immersed in the water, tourists are fascinated because they can clearly see the rocks which are in the bed of the lake. When people start to feel the heat of the summer months, they go to this place because the water remains cool all year round. Hence, bathing in the lake can really uplift one’s tired body and mind.

Interesting Attractions

There are attractions within Baiya Grand Canyon which people can see when they explore the vicinity. Among which are Mandarin Duck Waterfall, Heavenly Maids Strewing Flowers, King of the Heaven Waterfall and West King Waterfall. There are also the ruins of the house of the West King Xiao Chaogui. He is the leader of the Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace. The structure has been destroyed but the remains are still interesting to see.

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