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Learn more about Zhegu Lake

Zhegu Lake – Brief Introduction

The Zhegu Lake is located in Zhegu Village of Cuomei County, Shannan Prefecture, Tibet Tibet Tours. The coordinate of Zhegu Lake is 28 degrees 49 minutes (28°49) north latitude, 91 degrees 41 minutes(91°41' ) east longitude. The height of lake surface is 4620 meters. The whole Zhegu Lake covers about 70 square meters. The average depth of water is about 20 meters. The altitude of Zhegu Lake is about 4100 meters. It is the holy lake of Bon Religion.

"Zhegu" means "quarter moon" in Tibetan language. It is named after the shape of the lake which looks like a machete. The Zhegu Lake was the place of pilgrimage of South Tibet in ancient time with Yalaxiangbu Snow Mountain China tour deals which is one of well-know holy mountain of Tibet. The Zhegu Lake is the growth sites of Tibetan mastiff and the arena of kiang, as well as one of important part of "Oriental Kingdom of Women".

Zhegu Lake - Features

The charming scenery of Zhegu Lake is different from Namtso Lake and Basum Lake China travel service. The area around Zhegu Lake is vast Zhegu Grassland which covers 322mu. The Zhegu Grassland is a native pasture with plenty of water and lush grass. There, you will see herds of kiang, Mongolian gazelle and bharal are running and playing everywhere. In the end of summer and early of autumn, travelers on the lakeside of Zhegu Lake can have close contact with these wild animals. Under the clear blue sky, the harmonious scene between human and nature is like a colorful and beautiful painting.

The water of Zhegu Lake is very limpid. There are various kinds of fishes living in this lake. On the water surface of Zhegu Lake, there are various aquatic recreational amenities. On south of Zhegu Lake, there is a viewing site on the grassland where you can have a panoramic view of lake and mountains. There, you can enjoy rolling snow mountains in Luozha County right ahead. The scene of rolling snow mountains which look like flying giant dragon in sunset looks very grand. The Zhegu Lake backs on to grand and majestic Yalaxiangbu Snow Mountain. In the scenic area of Zhegu Lake, there are various animals under state protection, including kiang, Mongolian gazelle, grass fox, etc. These animals almost go together. The small groups is about 20 animals, while the large groups may reach hundreds animals. The tremendous momentum of these animals is with high appreciation value. The scenic area of Zhegu Lake is a good sight spot for appreciation and tourism China travel packages, as well as a good sight spots to enjoy animals.


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